[You can get it on a first-come, first-served basis! ] Library event

We are planning to present a magazine appendix to those who borrowed the book.

Click here for details(PDF)

◆ How to participate ◆
Please collect 4 "Return Deadline Bookmarks" (limited to those with a return deadline of 2022/6/18 to 2022/10/5) that are sandwiched between books at the time of lending. You can exchange for magazine appendices on a first-come, first-served basis.

◆ Participation target ◆
Students and faculty members belonging to Kameda University of Health Sciences

◆ Exchange place ◆
Kameda University of Health Sciences Library Counter

◆ Exchange period ◆
2022/6 / 18-2022 / 9/9
* Prizes can only be exchanged once per person. * It will end as soon as the prizes run out.

◆ Present contents ◆
Appendix of magazines purchased at the library

Please join us!